Friday, August 31, 2012

The World of Memes

After getting caught up reading Internet Memes for the last hour, I asked myself, "Where did memes come from?" They seemed to be a media trend that came out of nowhere. I also wasn't entirely sure what a "meme" even was.

Mike Godwin first explained the real meaning of a virtual meme. He explained it as leaping from mind to mind and taking over the internet. With virtual memes you have people sharing links, making pages, twitting pictures and creating new memes everyday.

The term "meme" never caught my eye until our very own USU meme page was started last year. Students create and post memes about Utah State. The memes are cleaver and funny because they are usually about subjects only USU students would relate too.

I'm hoping everyone remembers Ally McBeal’s dancing brain baby, because if you don't you missed a piece of virtual history. It's believed that baby was one of the first virtual memes that went viral. The world of memes has come along way from that. We even have our own meme generators online.  

Matt Morlin, a doctoral student at North Carolina State University studying internet culture said, “In an environment where speed is everything and attention is fleeting, good timing coupled with a strong cultural awareness can make the difference between something that goes viral and something that ends up in the gutters of the Web."

It's amazing the think about internet culture and reasons videos and memes like "Double rainbow, Rick Rolling, Fat Kid Dancing, and our very own 80mph" went viral how and when they did.

Where Do Memes Come From: