Saturday, September 29, 2012

Government Ran Social Media

How would you feel about a government ran social media cite? Sounds rather off putting to me, but isn't Facebook and Twitter public services? They could be. Right now though they follow the FTC Fair Trade Principles, which make sure they follow some recommendations such as "notice, choice, access, security, and redress." They still have access to our information though. All our information that has ever been on their website. Which in my case, I don't even know of everything on my Facebook. People are already paranoid about Facebook stealing their information. I've heard people talk about the "government conspiracies"of them taking over the internet. I wonder if people would ever let social networking sites fall into the hand of the government?

If this was the case for social media, would the goverment than be reading and censoring our media, or would we? Think about a post office's public service though. It's a federal offense to look at someone else's mail without their permission. Could social media someday be a form of a new mail system?

Uzbekistan launched it's own government ran social networking site called Muloqot. Only Uzbeistan citizens can access this site by address or phone number. A number of their domestic news sites have already been taken off their web such as the New York Times. The launch of the state-run social networking site further highlights the Uzbekistan’s government intent to control the internet and prevent open political discourse.

What are your thoughts about government ran social media cites?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

WOW, more than just a game

Today I was talking to my boyfriend about video games. Growing up, I was quite a little gamer. I wasn't all for first game shooter games, or even fighting games. But I could spend days playing second life games. I loved SIMS and Animal Crossing games. I could dive into games where I created my own "new" life, a second life of sorts. I could be a farmer, make new friends, earn money, and even redecorate my house and plant flowers out front. Single player video games are one thing though. When you connect yourself to the internet and a world of other new people, things change.

World of Warcraft Logo
I had a professor last year that talked about her World of Warcraft friends. When she lost friends because she moved around, she never lost her online gamer friends because they "moved" with her. I know a lot of people that have met close friends through games. WOW becomes more than just a game. It's a way to build relationships and develop team building skills. WOW is all about networking with your team to make it through higher level dungeons. Players have started to use social media to ensure they have support and helpers. Gamers even tweet to get input and attention.

Could WOW even become the new future of online dating? You already share a common interest. Reporter Stephanie Rosenbloom explains how various couples met, got to know each other and fell in love in the digital land of Azeroth. She points out that while a game like "WOW" boasts more than 12 million players, a dating site like has less than 2 million subscribers. These games encourage your to form allies with other players and communicate with them for strategy. If you didn't go on WOW to meet someone, by the end you will have met a friend or even a future lover. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012


The world of online businesses and blogging are ever growing. Contently states that they are,"Powering the next generation of publishing." Contently is a fairly new business that empowers striving writers to make a difference with their content. The Contently team encourages journalists and bloggers to publish their work and make a career out of what they love to do. Our world is a world of social media and their are many talented people out there. With Contently you can find both jobs writing about what you love writing about or find those skilled writers you need for content. They find writers for agency that are good writers, can create content, and write about what they love. As the world changes through social media, businesses and publishing are changing too. Many bloggers are getting jobs through Contently. It's giving those people that are good enough to be professional, but don't have the means to do

My cousin Joe Coleman is actually the Co-founder of Contently. I've watched as this company has grown and continues to do so. Their goal is to have everyone succeed and help freelancers find jobs. With Contently you have a team of passionate writers, that are not only passionate about writing but about their topics. This company is still getting it's footing in the world of online business. Attached is an interview with Joe about the company if you are interested.
I even tweeted at Contently asking them about "what good content is."
They replied:

"Good content in social media is easily identifiable b/c it gets discovered, creates value, and builds audiences."

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Foursquare is no longer just the game you once played at recess. Foursquare in the media world is a mobile application for smart devices that allows you to check in the locations and share events and locations with friends. I had never heard of Foursquare until recently and I'm realizing there are a lot of social networks out there that are new or haven't heard of yet. It uses your GPS location to show you locations near you or your friends. It's crazy to think that not very long ago this application wouldn't even be possible.

I didn't really know how Foursquare was any different from Urbanspoon or "check-ins" on Facebook. I decided to get an account and see what it's all about. I also realized by the end of my Social Media class, I'll have more than twice the social networking accounts I started with. There are so many different sources for the same purposes.

Location based platforms are becoming more and more popular. As soon as I logged in all sorts of locations near me popped up like Adam's Park, The Book Table, and Cooper Mill Grill. Foursquare includes and adds extra additions to "check-ins" that previously exist. I can see Foursquare catching on mainly via Twitter especially in a college town like Logan. I hope it does because spontaneous events are always going on and I could see it help getting better attendance at events if you could see what friends were there. I'm excited for the world that Foursquare and social media has to offer.