Saturday, September 15, 2012


The world of online businesses and blogging are ever growing. Contently states that they are,"Powering the next generation of publishing." Contently is a fairly new business that empowers striving writers to make a difference with their content. The Contently team encourages journalists and bloggers to publish their work and make a career out of what they love to do. Our world is a world of social media and their are many talented people out there. With Contently you can find both jobs writing about what you love writing about or find those skilled writers you need for content. They find writers for agency that are good writers, can create content, and write about what they love. As the world changes through social media, businesses and publishing are changing too. Many bloggers are getting jobs through Contently. It's giving those people that are good enough to be professional, but don't have the means to do

My cousin Joe Coleman is actually the Co-founder of Contently. I've watched as this company has grown and continues to do so. Their goal is to have everyone succeed and help freelancers find jobs. With Contently you have a team of passionate writers, that are not only passionate about writing but about their topics. This company is still getting it's footing in the world of online business. Attached is an interview with Joe about the company if you are interested.
I even tweeted at Contently asking them about "what good content is."
They replied:

"Good content in social media is easily identifiable b/c it gets discovered, creates value, and builds audiences."


  1. I had never heard of Contently, thanks for sharing.

  2. Interesting - I would have never connected job searches with the blogging world.

  3. How cool! I enjoyed the interview as well.

    --Kylee Geisler

  4. Our generation is all about adaptation and talk about adapting! Taking a dying art form such as writing and publishing and reinventing it to make it relevant again. That is very cool.