Saturday, September 29, 2012

Government Ran Social Media

How would you feel about a government ran social media cite? Sounds rather off putting to me, but isn't Facebook and Twitter public services? They could be. Right now though they follow the FTC Fair Trade Principles, which make sure they follow some recommendations such as "notice, choice, access, security, and redress." They still have access to our information though. All our information that has ever been on their website. Which in my case, I don't even know of everything on my Facebook. People are already paranoid about Facebook stealing their information. I've heard people talk about the "government conspiracies"of them taking over the internet. I wonder if people would ever let social networking sites fall into the hand of the government?

If this was the case for social media, would the goverment than be reading and censoring our media, or would we? Think about a post office's public service though. It's a federal offense to look at someone else's mail without their permission. Could social media someday be a form of a new mail system?

Uzbekistan launched it's own government ran social networking site called Muloqot. Only Uzbeistan citizens can access this site by address or phone number. A number of their domestic news sites have already been taken off their web such as the New York Times. The launch of the state-run social networking site further highlights the Uzbekistan’s government intent to control the internet and prevent open political discourse.

What are your thoughts about government ran social media cites?

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