Sunday, September 23, 2012

WOW, more than just a game

Today I was talking to my boyfriend about video games. Growing up, I was quite a little gamer. I wasn't all for first game shooter games, or even fighting games. But I could spend days playing second life games. I loved SIMS and Animal Crossing games. I could dive into games where I created my own "new" life, a second life of sorts. I could be a farmer, make new friends, earn money, and even redecorate my house and plant flowers out front. Single player video games are one thing though. When you connect yourself to the internet and a world of other new people, things change.

World of Warcraft Logo
I had a professor last year that talked about her World of Warcraft friends. When she lost friends because she moved around, she never lost her online gamer friends because they "moved" with her. I know a lot of people that have met close friends through games. WOW becomes more than just a game. It's a way to build relationships and develop team building skills. WOW is all about networking with your team to make it through higher level dungeons. Players have started to use social media to ensure they have support and helpers. Gamers even tweet to get input and attention.

Could WOW even become the new future of online dating? You already share a common interest. Reporter Stephanie Rosenbloom explains how various couples met, got to know each other and fell in love in the digital land of Azeroth. She points out that while a game like "WOW" boasts more than 12 million players, a dating site like has less than 2 million subscribers. These games encourage your to form allies with other players and communicate with them for strategy. If you didn't go on WOW to meet someone, by the end you will have met a friend or even a future lover. 

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