Monday, November 26, 2012

World of Apps

"There is an app for that" is Apple's coined phrase when apps started coming out. Applications for phones, computers, and tablets have blown up the online market. I don't want to think about a world without apps. Smartphones need apps to be useful tools. Apps simply make your life easier. I wanted to dive in and talk about a few of the most popular apps in the Apple App Store as of right now.

1. Angry Birds Starwars
2. WhatsApp Messanger
3. Bad Piggies
4. Wreck-It-Ralph

Paid Apps, even if they are 99 cents are a big deal. Angry Birds has became ridiculously large in the app game center. It's stayed on the top list for quite some time now. Movie game apps also always do well. Wreck-It-Ralph will trend and shortly be off the top apps.

1. Dental Surgery
2. YouTube
3. Snapchat
4. Hill Climb Racing

Free apps are a different story than paid. Free apps are always trying to get to the paid status. Some of the stuff that trends on the free apps blows my mind. I had never heard of Dental Surgery, got it and hated it. I wonder sometimes how apps like this with 2 stars get the top of the charts. YouTube of course is trending because they chose not to be a part of Apple's IOS 6 update.

I kinda an app nut, so I can't wait to see new and better apps that are to come.


  1. I don't have an Iphone. What does the Dental Surgery app do?? I'm so curious now... And how do free apps get to the paid status?

  2. Oh it was some silly app that allowed you to preform surgery on dogs and stuff... real weird

  3. The dental surgery app surprised me too! I agree with you, I can't wait to see the future of apps!

  4. That Dental Surgery app sounds so goofy! After yesterdays class I am definitely going to get Snapchat, it sounds so funny.

  5. I'm surprised that Angry Birds is still at the top of the list for apps. I feel like it used to be a big app but it's on the decline. Great post!

  6. I honestly thought that Angry Birds was going to be one of those apps that comes around and two months later it is done. Nope, I guess it is still famous. I remember the first gaming apps for the iPhone and how successful they were... for a little while. Anyone remembers Monkey Ball? I used to love it and how innovative it was.