Saturday, January 26, 2013

Blog about Blogs

If you’re looking for a product, you would probably go to the internet first right? I know I would! And when you’re going to spend your hard earned money, you want to get advice from someone you trust right? Well, I think the world of blogging is doing just that. Bloggers give us that feel of trust and friendship so we’d rather listen to them over popup ads on the Internet.

There are a few basic steps when you want to create a blog. First choose your blog server, and or domain name. You need to dedicate time to your readers or potential readers. First start by developing a relationship with your readers and develop that everything you write.

I found 8 great tips to make your blog effect, weather you’re selling something or just chatting about your crazy life.

Tip 1: Position Yourself as an Expert

"The type of discussions you ideally should have ought to be answering questions that people out there on the Internet are searching for," says Adria Richards , Organic Technology Consultant and blogger. "For me, social blogging is a way to have conversations with potential customers and to draw traffic to your site." If you’ve positioned yourself as a trustworthy expert on a subject people are more willing to listen to you.

Tip 2: Share Experiences and Information

Readers want to read interesting things. If your life is outstanding, tell your readers about it! Your readers want to hear stories, and often times want to hear stories they can relate to. If you are interesting enough maybe your audience will share your blog or retweet posts.

Tip 3: Keep it Fresh and Mix it Up

If you always post quotes maybe mix it up and catch your audience’s attention with some pictures and videos. Continuously try to recruit people to read your blog! Spark conversations with your audience and interact.

Tip 4: Encourage Feedback

When you gain insight about your website or product ask questions to get more information. Make it easy for people to post comments. Encourage your readers to share whatever is on their minds. Just make sure your audience isn’t getting neglected; always reply to comments.

Tip 5: Use Schedulers and Updaters

Use aggregators to post things at certain times. There are certain times that are better to post information. "It's been proven that there are certain times when people are reading blog posts and checking social media," says Richards. The most popular times to post or make an announcement are 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, and 6 pm throughout the business day. "The best days are the middle of the week, because on Mondays people are trying to get into the swing of things and on Fridays people are thinking about the upcoming weekend."

Tip 6: Make Your Blog the Central Hub

Make your blog the central place for announcements and information. You are in the most control of your own blog. You can create information on your blog and than use other social media platforms to promote yourself.

Tip 7: Link back to Your Website

If you are running a company make sure everything links to your company’s website. Use tags and key words to link everything together through all social media platforms.

Tip 8: Use a Personal Touch

Everyone wants to feel like you’re his or her best friend. Readers want to read what their “friends” are writing about. It’s important to add some personal flair to your sight!


  1. Great job! I think adding personal flair is the most important step because no one wants to follow a boring blog.

  2. These tips are great! Very similar to the info I posted :)