Sunday, January 13, 2013

Situation Analysis on Bieber Fevor

Our little Justin Bieber isn’t such a little boy anymore. On Jan. 2nd pictures leaked out of him and his buddy Lil’ Twist smoking weed in Newport, California. He feels betrayed by another friend who sold the pictures for $25,000.  Justin’s marijuana photo was blamed solely on his security, or lack of security. Insiders tell TMZ that at all prior occasions that Bieber was partying, his team puts up a sign that says any of the photos taken are strictly property of Bieber. Bieber like any other celebrity is a product that his mangers need to sell. This little stunt falls onto his PR. Social media and news blew up after this scandal. states, ““Squeaky clean” is the image that young pop stars like Justin Bieber usually put forward, but Bieber recently took to Twitter to apologize to fans over recent photos." Before Bieber’s apologize could get out though, his fans were already going crazy. His fan base focuses mainly on teenage girls. And these girls literally went crazy.

Tween and teen girls started the Twitter hashtag #cutforbieber. Allegedly fans went online and said they’d cut themselves if Bieber didn’t stop smoking pot. It actually started as a scam by 4chan, but Bieber fans did start cutting themselves. The hashtag even started trending making people very upset. It soon became a joke for many Twitter users though. Tweets like “I’m gonna ‘cut’ myself a piece of cake for Justin” started appearing. A young 14-year-old girl Sam Brooks has even died due to this trend. Research showed that Sam cut her vain on her left wrist. Self-harm isn’t something to be taken seriously. Justin Bieber’s fan will do anything for him and I think he needs to realize there are lives being taken over some stupid hashtag. Justin Bieber is a name, face, celebrity, and product that young fans follow.

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