Friday, February 8, 2013

HoootSuite vs TweetDeck

First of all I'd like to explain a little bit about social media aggregators. They pull all your social media platforms into one location. It basically creates one social media platform out of all your networks. It helps organize and consolidate your media. Aggregators work great for businesses or simply people managing a lot of different platforms.They also can monitor posts and tweets, post photos, and shorten URLs.

This week I actually started using the aggregator Hootsuite. This is my first experience using a social media aggregator. It took awhile to set up, but once I figured it out I loved it. I decided to do a one month free trail for Hootsuite to help me with my elections campaign. I've been really busy this month and needed a little aggregator help. I chose Hootsuite because I needed to scheduled posts and knew that it worked well. After reading into some other aggregators I decided to compare Hootsuite to Tweetdeck.

They share a lot of similarities like:
  • Post to one or more social networks – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Foursquare
  • Tweet, Re-Tweet, Reply, Direct Message
  • Follow, Un-follow, Add to List/Group
  • Shorten URLs
  • Schedule updates
  • Monitor Twitter lists / Facebook Groups
  • View searches on Twitter/Facebook
  • Access aggregator via mobile clients
  • Synchronize across computers / devices
  • Post photos
  • Filter columns
Hootsuite doesn't require any additional software because it can be easily accessed from a web browser. It also offers a bookmark option called "Hootlet." This makes it easy to access and share information on the web. What I've loved about Hootsuite, is that it is data driven. I offers data about tweets, re-tweets, and statistics.

Tweetdeck on the other hand is said to have a more user friendly interface. One of Tweetdeck's most unique features is that it offers desktop notifications. It is better known for it's slick interface and bright new design. Overall I think you know which one I'd chose, but it's up to the user. There are also other great aggregators like Sproutsocial and Google Buzz. Everyone offers something different depending on what you need.


  1. Great comparison Caitlyn! I loved this post. Aggregators seem like a great tool to manage a busy social media life-especially with a campaign added in. Can't wait to see your next few posts!

  2. I really liked your easy to read bullet point list of what aggregators offer. It is such a cool feature that compliments social media now! I love it. Thanks for your post =]

  3. I loved your post. I have never used Hootsuite or TweetDeck before so hearing about your experience helped. I didnt know you were doing an elections campaign, good luck darling!