Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Technology

Have you ever thought that your smart phone could keep you healthy? Apps have already changed th way people think of their diets. But now it's never been easier for someone to find out if they have the flu, are pregnant, or have HIV. People normally seek a doctors tools and advice when it comes to medical help. But in the past few years, medical device manufacturers have created miniature devices for smart phones.  These senors help gather clinic information. There are some apps that monitor heart rate and blood glucose. "The Scanadu Scout, a pocket-sized Bluetooth-enabled dongle that will be available later this year, uses several kinds of sensors, including infrared, to measure blood flow, blood oxygen, electrical heart activity, temperature, and heart rate."

There are apps for just about everything, like my last blog mentioned. There is an app for Android called the essential atlas of anatomy and physiology. With these sort of apps, people can learn more about the internal workings of there own bodies without going to med -school. When you can be more aware of your own body, you can keep yourself healthier. There are now apps on the market to diagnose problems, help those with problems, and educate yourself.  

Often times patients won't go to the doctor when they need to, or they go when it's unnecessary. These apps will help people know when is the right time to seek a doctor. There are some apps that measure stress levels and one that measures pressure spikes for hypertension. Scanadu is developing apps that can analyze smartphone images of user-collected blood or urine samples and detect respiratory infections. Apps are being created and refined to let people know when they are sick. Colds will just be colds, and emergencies will be emergencies. Citizens and doctors will be able to see the difference with the change of this new technology.


  1. Loved this post Caitlyn! It is amazing to watch and see the advances that are being made in the world-especially in the medical field due to new technology. I wonder where it will lead us next...

  2. Bluetooth sensors are taking off in the medical world. Good article!